Fail Friday

I hereby declare Friday a day of reflection.  Druinok has been running My Favorite Friday for a few months, and now we would like to offer the complement, Fail Friday.  Word around the mathtwitterblogosphere is that we need to learn from our mistakes and challenge ourselves as professionals.  The message I heard loud and clear on twitter today is that we need a place to get advice when our lessons don’t go as expected.  Having your own blog is a great way to get that feedback, but it can be scary to post a lesson that failed.  Well, it’s not so scary any more because we’re all doing it!  You have the option of just posting here or cross posting from your own blog.  Either way, all you have to do is fill out this form.

My goal is to schedule the posts throughout the week, so if you check in daily there will always be a new conundrum to ponder and offer feedback on (it’s always a great idea to subscribe in a reader, but this blog will only thrive if you click through and comment!).  This means we just chose Fridays for the alliterative aspect, you can submit any day of the week.  To get this project started though, it would be awesome if tons of people posted a Fail Friday on their own blog February 15.  I can’t wait to hear the ideas you all have, because I know you’re doing awesome things.  I hope this blogs provides the outside perspective that allows you to figure out the tweak that will turn a lesson from fail to fabulous!


Offer some help.

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