Experimenting with Complex Numbers, Experimenting with Online Sessions

I gave a talk tonight at the Global Math Department called “Throwing out my Complex Numbers unit.”  The talk itself involved a lot of uncomfortable experimentation with the format of discussions over the web, and I’m still not sure how well it went.

After seeing the success of Tina’s “Nix the Trix” doc, I wanted to try to use docs to increase collaboration during the web talk.  Here’s what we produced:

In the document we’re grappling with the deficiencies of various ways of teaching Complex Numbers, and folks are giving me feedback over my work-in-progress unit. To be honest, I’m still having trouble figuring out where to work to improve the unit. There are links to all my materials throughout the doc, and there are ideas of others to talk about, so take a look at the doc if you want to get into the nitty gritty of teaching Complex Numbers.


One thought on “Experimenting with Complex Numbers, Experimenting with Online Sessions

  1. If you still want edits on the google doc, I’d be happy to share some thoughts on it. (I don’t see a link.)

    I think it’s important for students to understand why we would create such a strange ‘object’ or concept as imaginary numbers. And the history is fascinating. I highly recommend reading the chapter on this in William Dunham’s book, Journey Through Genius (used copies on better world books are under $10).

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