Updates on Nix the Tricks

Thanks so much for all the ideas on the google doc!  I’m loving the conversations happening over there.  I just took some time to organize all of the ideas, reformat and highlight some issues we still need to hammer out.  Since Michael mentioned the idea of making this into an ebook I also started a list of contributors based on anyone who had signed a comment.  The final project should be something we agree on, so I don’t want authors on each definition, but I do want to give credit to everyone who is working on this project- so if you added something but didn’t sign your name, please add it to the list.  If you haven’t added something yet, please go weigh in (and then add your name!).  If you don’t want to be attributed, that’s cool too of course.

So, go make a mess out of the document again.  Add more ideas, clarify the ones there, contribute your two cents to a debate in action or start a new debate.  Someone better at grammar and formatting than I should also look at that, but I don’t think we’re there yet.  For now, mass brainstorm!


Offer some help.

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