Home Instruction

I just got word that two of my students are on home instruction (they are unable to attend school and so a tutor will visit them at home).  Both are in Geometry and I’m at a loss.  Tomorrow’s lesson involves rolling a cylinder down a 100 foot track to calculate the value of pi.  Earlier this week they missed a project where students constructed tin men out of cylinders and rectangular prisms, then “ordered” tin foil in the precise amount they calculated for the surface area.  We regularly work in stations.  I make a real effort to have students experience theorems before telling them anything, and this requires tools like protractors or geoboards.  How do I replicate this experience at home?  It’s okay, that question was rhetorical.  I know this is an impossible question to answer since the students will be alone, the tutor is only available a few hours a week and isn’t a math teacher.

So, my real question: what do I send these students?

So far my answer is: I can send the practice all my other students will do, just in worksheet format rather than something differentiated.  But I have no idea how to present new material in a way that doesn’t make me or the tutor cringe.  The textbook isn’t terrible but who wants to read a book?  I simply don’t have time to develop materials that can be done independently- my activities are meant to encourage questioning and collaboration and depend on intermittent class discussion.

Have you had students tutored?  What did you do?


Offer some help.

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