Counteracting Springtime Blues

From Springtime Blues…

What resources have you found that really kick-start your professional learning? That really sparks your love of teaching and learning? I need to get rejuvenated. That’s what I think was the biggest problem this year – I wasn’t feeling the passion of loving what I do. I need to find my mojo again… my teaching groove….

I’ll be excited to read what people come up with because I’m right there too.  Last week was rough, hoping next week will be better because I still have 2 months to go!


8 thoughts on “Counteracting Springtime Blues

  1. Reading blogs of other math educators has provided my best professional learning. I subscribe via email to the ones I like, because I check my email multiple times a day. I don’t have the RSS feed habit, so those that only allow following with an RSS feed don’t get read. The ones that I do subscribe to usually have links in their posts to other blogs and my web extends from the different connections. Everyone has different tastes, so I hate to offer mine up as ideal, but one to start with would be Dan Meyer’s blog, dy/, I think. He posts regularly and has links to other posts. He also has a list of blogs he follows, as most blogs do. Good luck!

  2. suevanhattum says:

    My dean (community college math teacher here) mentioned dragging at this time in the semester a few days ago, and I was puzzled. Did I used to drag about now? Nah, my draggy time is mid-semester, when the thrill of beginning is over, and the end is nowhere in sight. But I think I did drag more in the past. Now I’m having so much fun, I barely remember what drag is.

    I think it’s because I’m having so much fun thinking about math. And (this will sound like an ad, and in a way it is …) I think it was my introduction to math circles that got me here, along with blogs.

    Five years ago, I went to the Math Circle Teacher Training Institute at Notre Dame, led by Amanda Serenevy and Bob and Ellen Kaplan. I loved it and have gone back year after year. I love participating in Math Circles, and I feel like I am still learning how to lead a math circle. Math is a big party for me these days.

    • Tina C. says:

      Part of the reason I’m dragging is everyone talking about how close summer is when mine isn’t! Third quarter report cards just went out on Thursday- I’m not done until June 26.

      • Tina C. says:

        I tried to put fake HTML into that and WordPress ate it, presumably trying to interpret it as actual HTML. Post started with “whine” and ended with “/whine”

      • suevanhattum says:

        Sorry to rub salt in the wound! (I finish up in 3 1/2 weeks. And I’m already dreaming about how I’ll do things in the fall.) Does blog reading inspire you? Is there any particular math topic that gets you jazzed up, just thinking about it? I think that’s what gets me through the mid-semester blahs.

  3. hillby says:

    Usually it’s a subject specific book or movie that kicks me back into gear at this time of the year. This year I started to listen to the Infinite tangents podcast, and that has piqued my interest quite a bit. I can also recommend “Measurement” by Paul Lockhart or “Joy of X” by Steven Strogatz

  4. suevanhattum says:

    Measurement made me very happy. :^)

    • mrdardy says:

      I have out of the Labyrinth at the top of my summer reading list. I’m intrigued by the math circles idea – I try to emulate the Exeter Harkness table approach in my class and I feel I need help doing so. Should Measurement be 2nd on my list?

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