Mistakes Mean We’re Getting Better, Right?

Original post from Epsilon-Delta.  Lots of productive, some struggle, but mostly an awesome insight:

My class activities have to start somewhere; they can’t just magically be perfect…isn’t that what we tell our kids:  you have to practice and have patience if you want to become really good at something?  I guess the same goes with becoming good at making the students do the work.  Learning how to scaffold; learning how to ask engaging questions; learning when to step in and when to stay out.  This takes a lot of practice.  No matter how much preparation I put into a lesson or activity, I have to practice delivering it, too…and that can’t be done without kids in the room.


One thought on “Mistakes Mean We’re Getting Better, Right?

  1. Karen Hyma says:

    I have typically given student-pairs problems with errors and ask them to identify and correct the errors. This is a great idea. They have to have a stronger conceptual understanding to create an error and later to identify the error.

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