Still there?

Are people interested in continuing to interact with this blog? Did it make your transition out of google reader?

Found a worthy post this week, My Struggles by pispeak

1. Building Numeracy.  I know we all think about it/talk about/play with the idea.  We have bootcamps and special days in our classes to “review” or “refresh” these old topics.  But how can I build strong basic numeracy (I’m talking arithmetic, decimals, fractions, estimation) in every lesson?

2. The Checked-Out Student.  No matter how interesting or how important the lesson is, I often have a student or two who is just not invested.  He or she is usually not even going to try. […] How do I positively and effectively get that student to buy in?  I don’t have any great answers to this question.

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One thought on “Still there?

  1. mrdardy says:

    Still here – still interested in interacting. I receive this – and many other blogposts – in my email inbox. For me, it is the most efficient way to know that they’ve arrived and to remind me to check in. Some go to my wordpress reader but I don’t check that as regularly.

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