PreCalculus Logarithms

 I didn’t bank on the internet not working one day, and I had no back-up lesson plans.  This was a bad flop of an attempted 3-act lesson, along with a few ways to improve it.

That’s how Jonathan describes his post on a logarithm lesson he struggled through.

A few creative students decided to make the “squiggles” and represent a significant change on the scale of the y-axis, but these students did not realize that (a) you really shouldn’t do that between data points and (b) you really, really shouldn’t do that multiple times on the same scale.  So they saw the need for a logarithmic scale, but even after they graphed the points on Desmos, they had no way of making the data scale that way.  Mistake #1.

Head on over to his blog, Hilbert’s Hotel, to read about the rest of the lesson and offer some advice.

Offer some help.

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