Adapting to Failure

Over on Infinite Sums, Jonathan is talking about a lesson that went badly and how he recovered. His recovery is already pretty much set, but his first paragraph is so perfect for this blog I couldn’t not include it.

If you read enough teacher sites, you might get the impression that anyone who has one creates a magical experience during any lesson they teach. It’s like Pinterest guilt or something. But, this is not true. I screw up, all the time. Just a couple days ago something I thought that would be great blew up in my face within 15 minutes of handing it out. How you adapt to failure of this kind is usually a quick way to know how long someone has been in the business. My first year of teaching, we’d be talking Level 5 FREAKOUT. Is this why some people use a worksheet for 10 years? Maybe.

Even though he already figure out a fix for his other classes, head over to Jonathan’s post anyway. Maybe you can help him figure out what to do with those original laminated cards!

Offer some help.

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