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Force Tables: Staying Organized in Physics

This week I did a project and gave out lots of half sheets with formulas on the top followed by a list of variables/constants students needed to fill in. I wasn’t sure if this was helping students get organized or providing a crutch (or both!). Then, Megan wrote a post on her organizing system.


“I like to imagine that all the physics teachers out there trained in physics education went to grad school classes with titles like “How to Teach Kinematics” and “Methods for Helping Kids Who Suck at Math”. In these imaginary courses, y’all received the keys to helping kids past the hurdles of difficult math or “there’s no formula for this, it’s a problem-solving process”. Wait. What? You didn’t have these classes? Then how the heck do you help kids problem-solve? Please share your own organization routines, I’d like to learn from you.”

Organizing tips for math, physics or problem solving of any variety requested!

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